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Community Advisory Council


NNAAPC supports a standing Community Advisory Council (CAC) that, as a diverse group of potential Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) consumers, provide input and review the contents of HIV/AIDS-related materials, pictorials, audiovisuals, questionnaires, survey instruments and educational sessions that NNAAPC may produce for program activities. The members review applicable materials prior to their distribution and use.

The CAC is tasked to convey their communities’ concerns about HIV/AIDS and related issues and ensuring that services, programs, and materials meet the HIV Prevention needs of Native communities. Through face to face meetings, conference calls, and the use of their own volunteer time, their advice, recommendations and guidance on current HIV issues help to guarantee that NNAAPC is continually to provide culturally relevant and effective HIV prevention and capacity building services.



Current Community Advisory Council member
  • Theresa “Tiny” Devlin (Athabascan)
  • Ashliana Hawelu-Fulgoni (Native Hawaiian)
  • Freddie Don Little (Absentee Shawnee/ Seminole)
  • Tony Locklear (Lumbee)
  • Isadore Boni (San Carlos Apache)
  • Steven Barrios (Blackfeet)
  • Devona Kanesta (Zuni Pueblo)
  • Taija Ka.choow Revels (Tlingit)

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