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NNAAPC AIDS 2012 Conference Hub

This official AIDS 2012 Conference HUB houses taped presentations and workshops for the 2012 International AIDS Conference held in Washington, DC, July 23-27, 2012. It is sponsored by AIDS 2012, but organized by NNAAPC. We are hosting this site in order to bring the information and resources shared at the Conference to the community. NNAAPC does not endorse any of the speakers of the content of their presentations, but encourages each person to listen, process, and learn what you can from each of the recorded sessions for yourself. We encourage you to view this information with your staff, family, friends, peers, or colleagues into to ensure that this information is widely diffused and that it doesn’t just belong to the people who could attend the conference in person.

Each icon contains multiple video presentations on that topic (in MPEG4 format). However, all the presentations may not have all been made during the same oral session. NNAAPC tried to capture as many recorded sessions on relevant topics as we could. Unfortunately, the Native-specific panel and the Native sessions in the Global Village were not recorded by AIDS 2012 and as such, are not posted here.

Videos By Category

Addition videos and video categories will be posted soon!

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