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Social Marketing Campaigns

NNAAPC has a long history of developing culturally appropriate social marketing materials that are effective in communicating information, promoting action, raising awareness, combating HIV stigma and homophobia, and celebrating life. We have posted some of the materials we currently have available here for your use. We will continually update the site as more materials are developed.

The posters are designed to be displayed prominently in areas of high traffic so that the highest possible number of appropriate people will have the opportunity to see and read them. Print materials and brochures can be distributed wherever and whenever it is deemed appropriate or can be displayed as well alongside other health and wellness promoting materials. The public service announcements (PSA’s) were created for use on television or on radio, and individual agreements on airtime will need to be reached with local television and radio stations.

Strength in Knowing

The “Strength in Knowing” PSA is developed as part of a campaign to encourage Native women to get tested for HIV. Research has shown that Native women are experiencing growing rates of HIV infection. The PSA features interviews of Native women urging other women to get tested for HIV, and conveys a message of community and strength. For hard copies, please e-mail



Together We Are Stronger

The “Together We Are Stronger” poster series was developed as part of a national campaign to combat the stigma attached to being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or two-spirit (LGBTTS) in Native communities. Research has shown that stigma can lead to internalized feelings of shame and embarrassment over a person’s identity. This has a significant impact on a person’s health-seeking behavior. The posters in this series depict images of LGBTTS Native people and convey messages of inclusivity and strength. There are three separate posters available—one each for American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities (the poster for the Native Hawaiian community is available in both English and Hawaiian). The posters are available to download below. For hard copies, please e-mail


All posters will open with Adobe Acrobat®. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat®, a free version is available:


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