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Integration Toolkit

“Toolkit for Integrating HIV Services in Native Health Settings" is a new resource for health care providers working with Native communities (or hoping to) who are interested in increasing and integrating HIV-related services. The toolkit takes the approach that there are opportunities for health care settings to introduce or integrate HIV education, counseling, testing or treatment into their routine practices. Health care providers serving Native communities will find a variety of tools and resources to get started or expand HIV-related services.

The Toolkit is broken into twelve sections that are listed below. By clicking on the title of each section you will be taken to a PDF of that section for easy opening, searching and printing. There is also one very large PDF below that contains all of the sections. (Please note that some of the individual sections may be of slightly lower print quality than the complete large single PDF version.)

This Toolkit is a collaborative effort between Center for Health Training in Oakland, CA and National Native American AIDS Prevention Center in Denver, CO.


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