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Social Marketing Clearinghouse Materials

The Social Marketing Clearinghouse was created to assist tribes, tribal health clinics, urban health clinics, HIV/AIDS community based organizations, and public health entities across the United States. The Clearinghouse contains a number of different types of social marketing materials and resources that have been created by other agencies for specific populations that they serve. These materials can be used as part of an ongoing social marketing campaign in your communities, as examples of efforts you could create, or as training materials. However, since NNAAPC did not create these materials specifically, we ask that all users respect the integrity of the agencies and communities that created them. Please contact them if you would like to use them, and if you do adopt any piece of the materials for your programs, please use them respectfully and appropriately.

For more information contact Elton Naswood, Capacity Building Assistance Specialist at or (720) 382.2244 ext. 309



  • “HIV- If There's A Will
  • “Common Ground, Protecting the Generations: An HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Tool"
    • Produced by: Oklahoma State Department of Education, Oklahoma City, OK
    • Format: VHS
    • Year: no year found
    • Description: This video focuses on interviews with individuals who are working in Native communities to stop the spread of HIV among Native communities. You will see actual classroom sessions and here from adults on the importance of involving teens in the fight against this disease. There is also a section that shares facts about HIV/AIDS and shows how Native youth are trained to be peer educators
    • Ordering information: Contact Oklahoma Dept. of Education


  • “HIV in Hawaii: Local People, Local Stories”
    • Produced by: Life Foundation, Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Format: DVD
    • Year: 2010
    • Description: HIV in Hawaii: Local People, Local Stories captures the personal stories of two local people affected by HIV/AIDS. The 20-minute documentary video emphasizes the importance of education and compassion as the keys to prevention. Highly emotional content.
    • Ordering Information: contact Life Foundation


  • “Coming Out, Coming Home: There is No Name for This”
    • Produced by: Banyan Tree Project of the Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center
    • Format: DVD
    • Year: 2005
    • Description: This video was created in honor of the first National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on May 19th, 2005. The video address two things: First, the Coming Out process for API populations that identify and LGBT and the stigma and phobias that exist within the culture. Second, the video address how there is no word for HIV/AIDS in certain Asian specific languages
    • Ordering Information: contact Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center at


  • “The Lisa Tiger Story: If It Can Happen To Me It Can Happen To You””
    • Produced by: Chariot Distribution
    • Format: VHS
    • Year: 1993
    • Description: This documentary profiles Lisa Tiger, AIDS educator, feminist, and artist. Tiger, a member of the Muscogee Nation, with Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee heritage, learned in 1992, at age 29, that she had tested HIV-positive. Instead of focusing on herself, she chose to commit herself to traveling the country, speaking to Native Americans about the virus and how to prevent getting it. As the video shows, she especially targets high-school aged kids with her message about the potential consequences of unprotected sex.
    • Ordering Information: Power Videos at
  • Breaking The Silence, Strengthening The Spirit
    • Produced by: Alaska Native Health Board in collaboration with the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center
    • Format: DVD
    • Year: 2002
    • Description: This video shares the personal story of a family who discovers a person in their family and community is infected with HIV. The family takes a proactive step to education and advocate for HIV prevention among the remote villages in Alaska
    • Order Information: contact the Alaska Native Health Board at
  • Digital Stories: Sexual Health and Injury Prevention
      • Produced by: Alaska Native Epidemiology Center
      • Format: DVD
      • Year: unknown
      • Description: Told by Alaska Native People to all Alaskans, this DVD addresses issues that help define what different STI’s and other Sexually transmitted diseases are and what resources are available in Alaska
      • Order information: contact the Alaska Native Epidemiology Center at



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